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Vans Custom Shoes

Vans Custom Shoes

In Nottingham hospitals, admissions for meningitis have increased by 48 per cent from 54 cases in 2007 Vans Atwood Deluxe

"I can't do now what I did before and I only hope that every day I get stronger and more like I was before I had meningitis.

The meningitis had caused septicaemia dubbed blood poisoning meaning the meningitis bacteria was now pumping through his bloodstream.

Vans Custom Shoes

Vans Custom Shoes

It was a race against the clock to save Charlie; doctors needed to find the right concoction of intravenous antibiotics to stop the disease from attacking his major organs.

Vans Custom Shoes

"I thought I was going to lose him. It was the worst experience of my life. I felt like I was watching a movie of my life from somewhere else, it was awful."

Teen cyclist who wanted to race for Britain faced biggest battle of his life

But on March 22, when the fire brigade which respond to all emergency calls in rural southern France arrived to take him to hospital, it was clear he was in trouble.

It was a long seven days before Charlie recovered and was allowed home.

He arrived at Centre Hospitalier de Beziers and spinal fluid taken via a lumbar puncture from the base of his back revealed he had meningococcal bacterial meningitis.

Meningitis can be broken down into two main strains viral and bacterial. Of the two, bacterial meningitis, the type Charlie caught, has the highest fatality rate and there is no vaccine.

Mrs McVey, who also has a 12 year old daughter, said: "He slipped in and out of consciousness a few times in the fire engine.

It's a condition that can kill in as little as four hours.

Often, survivors are permanently scarred and have to have limbs amputated because the poisoned blood no longer takes oxygen to parts of the body.

Thankfully this was not the case for Charlie. Although he hasn't been able to race a bike since, he hopes that one day he will be back in the saddle.

He took up the sport in 2008, five years after the McVeys had moved from Vans Custom Shoes Gamston to Beziers, in the south of France, to pursue the family's building business.

But for Charlie, things were more complicated.

Vans Custom Shoes

Vans Custom Shoes

"In the ten minute ride to the hospital the rash, which looked black now, had taken over almost half of his body.

"I don't want other children or Vans Khaki Old Skool

He said: "This illness is horrible and makes you feel really bad.

Vans Custom Shoes

Vans Custom Shoes

8 to 80 cases in 2011 12.

Vans Custom Shoes

Vans Custom Shoes

His dream was to cycle for Great Britain and his parents fully supported him. They spent about last year making sure Charlie could fly back to the UK and cycle for his Notts team, Clarion, which is based in Holme Pierrepont.

"My career in cycling has hopefully only been put back and not forgotten completely.

you are unlucky to get the disease in the first place.

anybody to think it will never happen to them because that's what I thought, and it came from nowhere. I know I'm lucky to be here but some days you don't think that, you think Vans Olive Green

Vans Custom Shoes

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