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Vans Navy Gum

$26.83. That's a heck of a deal.

Like everything we sampled at The Angry Penguin it was an enormous portion. When it was delivered to the table, I involuntarily exclaimed, "Oh my God", only to have the couple at the next table laugh and say it was their exact same comment to the meal. It came with very good French fries and a pleasant side of cole slaw.

I had the fish and chips ($13.95). It was a memorable Top Ten fish fry (and this is coming from a guy who recently returned from a three week visit to London.) The fish was cod rather than the usual haddock. It was light, fresh, tender and melt in your mouth delicious. Everything was made better by the gentle beer battered golden crust that enhanced the taste of the fish.

The Angry Penguin can still improve. The service is warm, friendly and attentive, but far from rushed. And because the kitchen cares, it, too, takes its time. With only four tables being served at peak, the meal took over an hour and half to complete and that was for two entrees and a shared dessert.

Vans Navy Gum

Vans Navy Gum

The Angry Penguin offers a very good experience

A housekeeping problem is the lack of lighting on the sign outside. Unless you know where it is, you might have a hard time finding the place. But when you find The Angry Penguin, you'll be glad you did.

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Vans Navy Gum


The menu is deceptive. It's dominated by sandwiches and burgers with only two entrees (fish and chips and a broiled cod platter) offered, However there are a lot of treasures to be discovered. The Angry Penguin offers more than Pub Vans Tan Leather

Vans Navy Gum

Vans Navy Gum

Though as much a tavern as a restaurant, it does have a family style atmosphere about it.

WATERFORD How do you not want to visit a restaurant called The Angry Penguin? The better question is once you do visit, how do you not want to Vans Navy Gum return?

Ms. Tourista chose the Turkey Rubenesque ($7.95) for her meal and was as happy with the giant sandwich as I was with my entree. It's a variation on the traditional Ruben ($8.50) that substitutes turkey for corned beef Ruben ($8.50) The thinly sliced turkey was grilled on rye bread with melted Swiss cheese and piled high with cole slaw and topped with Russian dressing.

Making a good meal better, there are few area pubs or restaurants that have a better selection of draft beer. What they don't have on tap, they have in bottles.

Vans Navy Gum

The Angry Penguin has only been in operation for several months and clearly it has not yet established the following it deserves. on Friday night. To our surprise, while the bar was doing moderate business, only two of the eight tables on the other side of the room were occupied.

It struck me as curious on arrival and downright odd when leaving. We had a very good experience. The Angry Penguin offers very good food at superior prices and the environment is friendly and welcoming. This is not a destination restaurant. It certainly isn't a fine dining experience. But it is a superior place to get a reasonably priced, good meal on a night you feel like eating out.

On Friday, there were also two entrees offered as specials a delicious sounding egg plant and linguini dish ($13.95) and a steak which commanded top Penguin price of $18.95. Personally, I would rather have four good choices rather than an array of things that have little appeal.

The Angry Penguin is on Broad Street in Waterford at the spot where former Kielty's Emerald Isle existed for more than a decade. It has the look of a tavern, which might discourage you from stopping in on a whim but inside it is comfortable, clean and inviting.

Vans Navy Gum

part of the meal came with the check, which was $37.83, before tip. This includes $9 for a craft beer for each of us. The food portion of the bill was only Vans High Tops Grey

Vans Navy Gum

Vans Navy Gum

Ms. Tourista loved it, especially the bread that was toasted without being too firm "Somebody took a lot of care with this," she said. It came with a choice of side, from which she chose a very good potato salad. The sandwich was so large she kept insisting she would not be able to finish it. She lied. She also lied when as I ordered the bread pudding ($4) for dessert, she said "You go ahead, I'm so full I'll just pick at it." One taste of the homemade pudding topped with whisky cream sauce and it turned into dueling forks. Fortunately the portion was so large there was no loser.

Hot sandwiches include a hot turkey ($8.25), but most are burgers. (A half pound burger can be had for $6.75). However tasting the fish, the Brewers Fish Sandwich (beer battered Cod for $6.50) has my name written all over it.

If the entrees are limited, don't worry, the sandwiches (both hot and cold) serve as meals. Cold sandwiches range from a BLT ($5.95) to Tuna ($6.75) and traditional Deli Sandwiches ($7.50) all slightly warmed and the meat is cooked on the premises.

Vans Navy Gum

Vans Navy Gum

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