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Dr Yeomans' view is backed up by a new report for the Time To Change campaign, which is backed by the Mind and Rethink charities.

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But when popular culture like films regularly show mental health problems in an overwhelmingly negative light, it clearly has an effect on the public's opinion.

And, according to Dr Yeomans, its portrayal of the issues around mental health was very different from the stereotype.

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to Leeds and the surrounding areas visit us at Yorkshire Evening Post regularly or bookmark this page.

"It was refreshing to see a film which depicts a guy with mental illness in a positive way. It stressed the positive relationship he has with his brother, which is central to the film. We need a more positive approach and film makers should be looking at trying to deal with mental health in a realistic way. The notion that people with mental health issues are unable to manage themselves and cannot recover is simply wrong."

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At the recent Leeds Film Festival, a panel comprising medics and campaigners joined forces to discuss the portrayal of mental health in the cinema.

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Susan Press investigates

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Screening Madness, written by psychiatrist and film expert Dr Peter Byrne, claims that film depictions of people with mental health problems have become ever more damaging and that Hollywood shows schizophrenics and those with other mental illnesses only as either stupid or evil.

"The incorrect stereotype in both cases, to a lesser and greater extent, is that schizophrenics have multiple personality disorder, and that that second personality is always evil.

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"We should have a more balanced approach and people with mental health issues should not simply be represented as victims.

only blockbuster I can think of that got anywhere near the reality was A Beautiful Mind, where you empathise and sympathise with the main character.

"This is omnipresent in cinema misrepresentations the psycho killer is sadistic, motivated by madness and in almost all psychosis films, that character will kill.

From One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest to A Beautiful Mind, hundreds of films feature charcacters with mental health issues. But just how accurate is their portrayal?

"Mental health stereotypes have not changed over a century of cinema. If anything, the comedy is crueller and the deranged psycho even more so."

Batman: The Dark Knight, for which Heath Ledger won Skechers Shape Ups Recall

He said: "In films mental illness is basically depicted in one of three ways. The mental health patient is either a victim, an object of comedy or most commonly a violent psycho killer. And it's the last stereotype which is the really stigmatising representation.

a posthumous Oscar, is slammed as the latest in a long line of films pandering to a false stereotype of schizophrenics.

"About the Skechers Burst Women

One of them was David Yeomans, a consultant psychiatrist for Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust and trustee of the national charity MIND.

Dr Byrne said: "Mental health stereotypes have not changed over a century of cinema. Batman describes the Joker as a schizophrenic clown, and when the film's second hero Harvey Dent becomes "Two Face" and embraces evil, the familiar stereotype of schizophrenia is activated."

The dark side of Hollywood

Time to Change has made two films to challenge negative stereotypes around mental health, including Schizo which starts as a horror movie but then shows the everyday reality of someone with schizophrenia.

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In a bid to challenge the violent cliches, Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust screened Some Voices, a British film made in 2000 starring a pre James Bond Daniel Vans Classic Shoes Craig as a young schizophrenic. Around 200 people packed into a theatre in Leeds to see the film.

You could argue that mental illness is probably the last big, unbounded area of discrimination where you can get away things like saying someone is crazy or mad. Maybe we should be looking at writing films which focus on the reality."

"The problem is that if you are a filmmaker and you are going to sell your film to the public, the money will be on violent drama and characters. And each new film drama follows on from the previous one so it just gets worse and worse.

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