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Skechers Go Walk 2

"Scary stories are definitely the most fun for me to tell," she said, noting the ghost story "The Dance of the Spectors," is another of her favorite stories to tell.

Skechers Go Walk 2

The performance that she least enjoyed until after it was over, was one in front of eighth grade students.

Skechers Go Walk 2

"Sometimes they have hearing issues so you have to remember to be consistently loud, but they are also more curious about the story. I have gotten some really great reactions from older people. They are usually more enthusiastic."

me off. I'm very aware of the audience and know what they are doing every minute."

During one performance, Muller said she noticed one girl falling asleep, so she ramped it up a bit and by the end, the girl was wide awake and paying attention.

Skechers Go Walk 2

SCHODACK Two Maple Hill High School juniors turned storytellers participated in a recent podcast at the College of St.

"They get better every year," she said. "I'm very proud of the girls' accomplishments."Muller has a propensity for scary stories and at the Colonie Library, recited her version of "The Tell Tale Heart," by Edgar Allen Poe.

Bonin wrote and told her own story, "Catherine and the Kazoo," at the Colonie Library.

Muller said younger children "tend to get a little freaked out," during her stories, but many times, they draw laughter from adults.

"If I don't know all the words, its okay, because I know what the characters are doing. Every time I tell a story it might be a bit different, but I rarely notice."

Bonin said she prefers younger children and adults as her audience and agrees with Muller that it is difficult to tell stories to her peers.

"It has definitely improved my public speaking skills," she said. "I used to be very shy back in seventh grade. The CASST program and storytelling got rid of a lot of the fear of other people staring at me while speaking."

"Muller has also told stories in front of senior citizens and said they can be more challenging.

Skechers Go Walk 2

Skechers Go Walk 2

"I was scared out of my mind," she said. "These were Skechers Black And White Trainers

Muller said in order to learn the stories, "I read them and figure out the basic plot line. From there I put together a little story. I don't memorize the actual story. You get messed up when you Skechers Go Walk 2 do that. It's my version of the story, a little different, but with the same plot line."

Skechers Go Walk 2

"It can be intimidating, in front of kids your own age, even at different schools," she said. "Those kids have to be Vans Rose Shoes

The pair were featured in a two part program, "I Tell Stories," an on line radio show hosted by Mary Murphy, who refers to the program as that being of the modern storytelling movement. The program is produced by Buddy Beaudoin.

Bonin said she learns stories by seeing the words in her head. She also practices her stories in front of her family.

kids close to my own age. I even forgot part of the story, but after, the kids told me how much they loved it and that made me feel better."

Skechers Go Walk 2

During one telling, at a particular humorous point, a man in the audience started laughing so hard, Muller, said it was hard for her not to join in.

Skechers Go Walk 2

The art of storytelling not lost on teens

Skechers Go Walk 2

there and I'm much more self conscious. With adults groups, you know they chose to be there and want to hear the stories."

"I'm trying to be funny at times, so that's good," she said. "It's a little nervewracking, but doesn't really throw Skechers Flex Appeal Spring Fever

The two 17 year olds are part of CASST, an acronym for the Connections After School Storytelling Troupe, a club, the members of which rehearse, learn and tell stories to many different audiences.

"I like telling stories because one of the fun things is getting people to use their imaginations."Muller said her favorite performance was at the Castleton Public Library in Schodack.

While Muller still isn't sure what she wants to study in college, she believes the CASST and storytelling programs will help.

"It was a lot of fun," she said. "It was much more personal than larger settings; just small and nice.

Muller and Bonin have been members of CASST since the seventh grade and both were taught the storytelling skill by Murphy.

"I wrote it in ninth grade, after a test, when I was bored," she said. "I wrote it for a friend, but changed it a bit for storytelling to give it more of a moral."

"Before each performance, I get butterflies like mad and my hands shake, but I take some deep calming breaths and when I get up there, I tell myself I can do it and I do," said Muller. "Once I get going, I'm usually okay."

Skechers Go Walk 2

Skechers Go Walk 2

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