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Despite the intent of the new law, school officials warn that standardized GPA calculations won't ensure consistency. Too many other factors, including how strict teachers are in determining grades, must be weighed.

Vans For Boys 2017

A law that went into effect last year mandates that all Texas public high schools use a standardized method to calculate grade point averages. Currently, calculations vary from one district to the next.

Wylie adds 10 points to AP and pre AP grades, Light said. For example, if a student made a 90 Vans For Boys 2017 in an English AP class, that grade automatically would bump to 100, which would affect the GPA calculation.

With a new academic year about a month away, high school students might want to start thinking about course selections as carefully they're eyeing the coolest back to school stuff.

Vans For Boys 2017

"I don't know that there's a valid purpose for that," he said of the new law.

Light, Wylie's superintendent, said he understands what lawmakers are trying to do but wishes districts had more local control.

their GPA might indicate.

Grade averages are computed by one of two primary methods. Some schools assign a numerical value to a letter grade to compute a grade point average. For example, Penn State University assigns a 4.0 to an A, a 3.67 to an A , and a 3.33 to a B+, according to the university Web site.

However, officials at Wylie and Abilene schools wonder how that can happen if the new calculation method hasn't been developed yet.

Using those equivalents, a student with grades of A, A , and B+ would have a Skechers Black And White Running Shoes

Texas schools to standardize GPA formula

Vans For Boys 2017

AISD gives additional weight to Advanced Placement classes, pre AP courses and engineering courses, said Cathy Ashby, associate superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

At stake, whether the new calculations begin this year or next, is a possible loss of valedictorian or salutatorian status and the prospect of dropping out of the top 10 percent of a graduating class.

AISD's Ashby said the new law reflects a concern by colleges that the state's school districts are inconsistent in their GPA calculations. Too many incoming college freshmen have to take remedial courses because they didn't learn as much in high school as Mbt Shoes Retailers Uk

Details on the standardized method are being worked out by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and are expected to be finalized by October.

Vans For Boys 2017

Vans For Boys 2017

This may put them a step ahead when the new method of calculating comes out. Some districts include all classes in GPA calculations, while others exclude some classes such as electives.

Vans For Boys 2017

Wylie and Abilene ISD give more weight to tougher classes than the less strenuous and elective classes when calculating grade point averages.

grade point average of 3.67.

supposed to be used by districts starting this fall, with incoming seniors being the first to apply to college under the new GPA calculations.

Vans For Boys 2017

Vans For Boys 2017

"We'll wait for their rules to come out and try to do the best we can," said Joey Light, superintendent of the Wylie Independent School District.

Vans For Boys 2017

The latter especially is worrisome to parents who are counting on their child to graduate in the top 10 percent, which guarantees a place at any public university in Texas.

Students must make at least an 80 in those courses, however, for the additional 10 points to be added, Light said.

Vans For Boys 2017

Colleges look more closely at college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT, which measure students' knowledge equally, Light said. Grade point averages contain too many variables, he said, including teachers' individual judgments.

"Universities and colleges around the state are concerned about the number of students needing remediation classes," Ashby said.

Vans For Boys 2017

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