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The bear was tearing into him, ripping off his scalp, chewing on his arms, his shoulders and his back. It is hard to imagine anything more horrible.

As the vehicle got closer, when noticed a man leg and one foot beneath the bear, said Denise.

Those people were Denise and Louise. They had been into town to pick up supplies, and as luck would have it, they were planning ahead for an upcoming doctor visit and needed to find out where Lady Minto Hospital was located.

Skechers For Men Memory Foam

Denise Seguin Didone and Louise Seguin are the who rescued Joe Azougar in the midst of a horrendous black bear attack near Cochrane on the weekend.

shock that goes through you, being stunned, the Skechers Go Walk 3 Mens Review

Skechers For Men Memory Foam

Skechers For Men Memory Foam

It all began as the women and some friends had been taking part in a traditional girls getaway camp out for the Mother Day weekend. That ended quickly after the bear attack.

Skechers For Men Memory Foam

Skechers For Men Memory Foam

By LEN GILLISIf he was with us today, Real Seguin would be so proud of his daughters. Seguin was a well known firefighter, chief fire prevention officer and mine rescue man in Timmins.

She said the bear was on all fours and appeared to be swaying from side to side and struggling with what they thought was a big garbage bag.

Once that was done, the women got back in their van and drove south to Girard Road to where camping trailers were set up.

When The Timmins Times first sought to tell their story on the weekend, after an exclusive newspaper interview with Joe Azougar, the women were not yet ready to deal with media interviews.

Whether it was minutes or seconds that he was involved in this literal life or death struggle, Azougar has no idea.

Skechers For Men Memory Foam

Azougar had been sitting on the step of his tiny cabin Saturday morning when he was startled by a black bear that came towards him.

were driving on Girard Road, about a kilometre in, and I said to Louise look, there a bear, there a bear oh look how close we are, Denise recalled.

The bear killed the dog and several moments later smashed through a window and into the cabin.

bear was so big he covered his whole body, and Joe is 240 pounds, said Louise.

The bear was obviously startled and immediately ran away over a rise, toward Vans High Tops Black Leather

Skechers For Men Memory Foam

Skechers For Men Memory Foam

tell amazing rescue story

Azougar does remember the bear stopping the attack. He had heard a car horn blaring and then he remembered seeing people.

His daughters Denise and Louise never took a first aid class or rescue training, but they stepped up, and ignored the obvious danger to themselves last Saturday morning when they saved a man life.

Skechers For Men Memory Foam

year old Joe Azougar of Girard Road, about 10 kilometres south of Cochrane.

Their initial decision to go camping near Cochrane was the best thing that could have happened for 30 Skechers Burst High Tops

His German Shepherd dog fought with the Skechers For Men Memory Foam bear, while Azougar ran into the safety of his cabin to make frantic phone calls.

It was a harrowing experience for all involved. At first the women were too upset with all that had taken place and they needed some time to unwind.

the bush, said the women.

Skechers For Men Memory Foam

adrenalin, you don know what to think. You don even think is that guy alive, is he dead? The first thing you think is slamming on the brakes and honking the horn, said Denise.

Azougar ran out and tried running away. Azougar said he remembers that the bear caught up and slammed him down to the ground and began clawing and biting at him.

was no way we could stay. We stayed long enough that the OPP got all our information and we decided we were leaving, explained Denise.

Skechers For Men Memory Foam

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