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10. Canned Soup and Instant Noodle Cups

Yeast breads, from hot dog buns to Texas toast, made the "worst" list for two reasons: They are one of the biggest sources of Skechers Kids High Tops

The "Extra Butter" or "Movie Theater" microwave popcorn choices are some of the last products that still have shocking amounts of trans fat in them with a small serving of 3 tablespoons (unpopped) containing about 2.5 grams of saturated fat and 5 grams of trans fat. Each serving also adds at least 300 milligrams of sodium to your day's total.

Cold cereals were among the top sources of added sugar for children between the ages of 2 and 8, according to a recent report. A cereal that lists a refined grain and sugar as the first two ingredients won't satisfy your hunger through the morning and it won't contribute important nutrients, which come from whole foods like whole grains, nuts, or dried fruit.

With three times the protein and fiber as potato chips but none of the sodium, nuts are pantry favorites of Neva Cochran, MS, RD, a nutrition consultant in Dallas. "Unsalted nuts beat chips as a filling snack to thwart hunger," says Cochran.

Vans For Kids Toy Story

Vans For Kids Toy Story

Vans For Kids Toy Story

and a small Nutri Grain cereal bar has 13 grams of sugar.

5. Chips and Cheetos

The Best and Worst Foods in Your Pantry

You expect Pop Tarts to be full of sugar (about 16 grams of sugar each) but you might be surprised to learn that even the more healthful sounding cereal bars or packaged muffins contain about the same amount of sugar (or more) than your typical toaster pastry. Otis Spunkmeyer brand muffins contribute about 30 grams of sugar per 4 ounce muffin, Weight Watchers muffins add about 20 grams of sugar per 2.2 ounce muffin, Vans Black And White Era

Vans For Kids Toy Story

Vans For Kids Toy Story

Vans For Kids Toy Story

The worst choices in the pantry are those foods containing sugars, refined grains, solid fats, and high levels of sodium.

8. Yeast Breads (made with refined flour)

refined flour in the typical American diet and they are also the No. population.

2. High Sugar, Low Fiber Breakfast Cereals

Vans For Kids Toy Story

Snack cakes have three of the four ingredients we need to eat less of: refined flour, added sugars, and saturated fat. The typical snack cake serving, such as two Hostess Ho Hos, contains 228 calories, 9 grams of saturated fat, and 28 grams of sugar. Keep in mind that 9 grams of saturated fat is half the maximum daily amount of saturated fat recommended for someone eating 1,800 calories a day, according to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines.

This popular snack group category made the list because they are processed with gobs of fat and sodium and usually include a refined grain. A 2 ounce bag of chips or Cheetos usually adds more than 300 calories, 20 grams of fat, and over 450 milligrams of sodium. The worst part is we tend to eat too much of them because even a 2 ounce portion doesn't seem to satisfy our stomach.

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4. Movie Theater or Mega Butter Microwave Popcorn

Vans For Kids Toy Story

10 Best Foods In Your Pantry1. Unsalted or Lightly Salted Nuts

Reviewed by Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD

Some of the worst foods in their pantry are soda and other sweetened drinks because Mbt Kisumu 3s

They are so easy to eat a lot of because they are bite size and crunchy. A few years ago crackers were held together with partially hydrogenated fat (which added trans fat) and now the trans fats are mostly gone, but most crackers are still low in fiber and high in sodium.

9. Store Bought Cookies (especially the chocolate coated ones)

these contribute refined carbohydrate calories without nutrients. David Leopold, MD, director of integrative medical education for the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, puts any type of soda at the top of his "worst" list. Some might be surprised that sweetened teas and energy drinks rival the sugar in soda with about 50 grams of sugar per 16 ounce bottle.

Vans For Kids Toy Story

10 Worst Foods In Your Pantry1. Soda and Sweetened Beverages

If your pantry was well stocked with some of the best food choices for health, you would probably include them in your Vans For Kids Toy Story meals and snacks, right? Pack your pantry with some of the worst food choices though, and that's most likely what you and your family will be eating instead. Dietary Guidelines describes a healthy eating pattern as one that emphasizes nutrient rich foods and beverages such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seafood, beans, nuts and seeds, fat free or low fat dairy, lean meats and poultry, and eggs.

Vans For Kids Toy Story

3. Snack Cakes and Cupcakes

6. Packaged Muffins and Cereal Bars

Here's an easy way to separate the best from the bad.

7. Crackers (made with refined flour)

Grain desserts, which includes cookies, are a major source of added sugars, more so than dairy desserts or candy, according to a new report. Some commercial cookies are higher in fat, saturated fat and sugar than others but they all usually start with refined flour. The chocolate coated cookies tend to have the most saturated fat (about 5 grams per 3 cookie serving).

Vans For Kids Toy Story

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