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Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

"Luthinda, is there a reason why you woke me up so early?" I try, honestly, to not call her Luthinda. She is, after all, my foster mom but I can't get used to it. She's not my mom, and I just met her two weeks ago. I had also gotten her last name. Vans Leather Slip On

on Monday, December 29, 2008

I honestly didn't care much that I'm leaving, I didn't have any real friends at my school so it dosn't bother me. much, "Alright, Luthinda. I'll take a shower now."

"Oh yes! You have a brother! I'm sorry I forgot to tell you! He's about your age you know."

I got out of the shower and of course, Luthinda had everything ready for me. She had packed my clothes and had my ipod out for me to use, and my now favorite book, that she keeps being very suspicios about. Twilight, hey what can I say? I love vampires! But what ticks me off is the way that the charect

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

"Okay, I'll be done in a minute, Luthinda." She just flashed those perfect teeth at me and her smile reached her light blue eyes. I swear she acts more my age than I do.

to reveal darkness. I rubbed my eyes and looked over at my digital clock which said five thirty five.

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

My last name origginally was Wells, but they just thought it'd be better if I'd changed it. I really didn't mind.

"I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news honey, but you're going to boarding school"

"Okay sweetie. Oh I know you'll love it at Blood Cross Academy! You're father went to that school you know. And your brother goes there now!"

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

I got my strawberry shampoo and squirted very little on my palm. My hair, unlike Luthinda's, was very straight and brown. And my eyes were also a very, dull and unexciting, brown, but when flashed by the sun, they turn light caramel. Again, unlike Luthinda or Rupert (my foster dad). His eyes were the lightest green and had black hair. My foster parents were strange indeed, they're strangely perfect. Perfect voice, perfect hair, perfect complection, perfect body. Just perfect. Most girls would get really intimidated to have a mother who is way more beautiful then themselves, but I don't care much. Every time I walk by her, she keeps telling me I smell wonderful, and she often complements me on my body. I have to admit, I am a lot more mature than most sixteen year old girls, if you know what I mean.

"Huh? What Skechers Flats Shoes

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

"Well you're plane leaves at seven o' clock" her blonde curls bouncing as she jumped from every corner of my room packing my bags.

[01]?Blood Cross Academy? The All Boys Boarding School For VampiresWelcome to Blood Cross Academy, where beating the crud out of each other in PE will give you an A ! Annabelle Croft just turned sixteen and was adopted by her foster parents not that long ago. She is being transferred to Blood Cross Academy and there are two major problems: ONE: She's human and TWO: She's a girl! What could possibly go wrong?

'Might as well wash my hair' I thought to myself

I turned off the faucet and got out of the shower. I looked in the mirror at my now dark hair and rinsed out the water. I dried myself off and got dressed. I wore a dark green tank top and over it I wore a light green tank top with some dark green pictures of flowers. Then for the bottom I wore jean capris, and my black and white convers.

"Honeybun. Honeybun wake up" a motherly voice told me as I was being lightly shaken.

I raised an eye brow, "Boarding school? When?"

The All Boys Boarding School For Vampires

"Anny! I told you, you can call me mom!" she said as she opened Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black the window Mbt Shoes Barcelona

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

"Brother?" I asked as I got my towel

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

is it, Luthinda?" I asked

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

I got inside the bathroom and threw the towel over the curtain. I took off my clothes and turned on the hot water.

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Black

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